Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Talog "Vladavina Vampira" at The Moldy Crypt's Top 20 Dungeon Synth Releases Of 2018

"Deep in the frosty mist of the Balkans, crawling in the pitch blackness of full dark, comes the pale horrific shape that is Talog. Fermenting in the bowels of the deepest crypt, Talog created the grim vampyric masterpiece Vladavina Vampira. This release of twin 15-minute monolith tracks creates a soundscape that will chill the marrow in your bones, wafting the stench of ancient undying horror through caverns of deep dungeon waves and drones. This introspective release calls on the furthest edges of dungeon synth, scraping along at the pace of dark ambient with minimal melody entirely absent of rhythm. This creates an incredibly gloomy atmosphere perfect for deep meditation and sleeping in cold tombs. I have yet to hear a dungeon synth act as effective as Talog in creating such a numbing sense of conscious lucidity. Vladavina Vampira is a must-play for fans of any type of vampyric dungeon synth or black minimalist ambience. Over the 30 minutes of the album, the listener is guided through the isolated paths of an ancient Balkan forest, down the dim corridors of an abandoned castle, past massive oak doors where rats feed on their dead and the whispers of tormented ghosts linger ever-present at the nape of your neck."

The Moldy Crypt's Top 20 Dungeon Synth Releases Of 2018 - click here

Sunday, January 13, 2019

GutterSkull - Crawling In Disgust - T-Shirt

Prvo ovakvo Olden Sonorities izdanje. Limitirano na 6 majci, 3 XL i 3 Medium.

Samo još jedna Medium Size ostala na distru.

70 Kuna / 10, 5 Euros

Žulj na distru

Žulj - Resetiraj Civilizaciju - tape + patch

Samoizdata kazeta i prišivka, pankčina iz Rijeke. 25 Kuna / 4 Euros

Žulj - Resetiraj Civilizaciju - CDr

CD verzija, poslušaj. 15 Kuna / 3 Euros

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Novo na distru

Self Deconstruction ‎- Wounds - LP

Grindcore iz Japana, sa F.O.A.D. Records. Prozirni milky vinil. Teaser - click here - 110 Kuna / 15 Euros

Aftermath - When Will You Die? - Demos 1989/1990 - LP

Thrash Metal kompilacija demosa. F.O.A.D. Records. 90 Kuna / 12 Euros

Aftermath - When Will You Die? - Demos 1986/1987 - LP

Rani Thrash Metal / Crossover demosi. F.O.A.D. Records. 90 Kuna / 12 Euros

Anal Sexecution / Smeće Od Smeća ‎- Buka From Satan's Sklonište - split tape

Noisecore sa Debila Records iz Slovenije. 20 Kuna / 3 Euros

Paregorik & CRY OF HUMANS / Drén ‎- 12/11/2016 - split tape

Noise uživo. obsedante! ‎/ Raw Zine Records, Češka. 20 Kuna / 3 Euros

Syphilis Non Metal ‎- Slaughterhouse - tape

Grind / Noise / Industrial. Craneal Fracture Records. Bandcamp - click here - 20 Kuna / 3 Euros

Kikiriki ‎- Sub Bound - CDr

One woman noise iz Slovenije, + bonus tracks. Bandcamp - click here - 15 Kuna / 2 Euros

Reactor - Blankets, Pillows, Sheets - CD

Domači indie pop. Guranje S Litice / Carrot Productions. 35 Kuna / 5 Euros


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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GutterSkull "Portals Amidst The Carnage" on hardcore punk blog;

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GutterSkull "Portals Amidst The Carnage" on  Punk 'Till Dead VK;

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Tenebrositas / Xerión split tape review on Metal Jacket Magazine;

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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sågverk - Sahataan Ne Kaikki CD na distru

Sågverk - Sahataan Ne Kaikki  - CD

Black'n'roll crust punk iz Finske, zemlje Terveet Kädet i Impaled Nazarene.

4 Euros / 25 Kuna

Poslušaj - click here


Tenebrositas / Xerión​ split tape preview and release date

Preview for Tenebrositas / Xerión​ split tape. The price will be 5 Euros / 30 Kuna + shipping. Co-release between Nigra Mors​ and Worship The Abyss. Grim Black Metal from Slavonia and epic BM / folk from Galicia. Pro tapes, cellophane wrapped, release date is September 9, 2018.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

GutterSkull "Portals Amidst The Carnage" news

Thanx to old friend at ..crucified freedom.. for support - click here

Distribution tapes sent to Caligari Records, Nigra Mors and Jesboligakurac Records.