Thursday, April 14, 2016

Gruuthaagy "Ranjena Zvijer" Tape rerelease on Craneal Fracture Records in Spain

My old project that is not active anymore, but here's some of the best stuff that I've recorded, coming in tape format by friendly underground label Craneal Fracture Records. "Ranjena Zvijer" was influenced by industrial, gothic, doom, and especially atmospheric black metal. 3 instrumental tracks, recorded 10 years ago and also showing some of my medieval / epic musical affinities, so may be interesting to those into dungeon synth or neofolk as well. Also compared to stuff like Swans, etc. Free download version was first released on Smell The Stench Net in 2006, than CDr version on Slušaj Najglasnije! in 2007, and now for the first time available as tape. Will get my copies soon, support the label and real underground tapes.

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Listen full on Gruuthaagy Bandcamp

Javim kad stignu moje kazete za distro, Gruuthaagy reizdanje iz Španjolske, "Ranjena Zvijer" je među najboljim od mene.

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