Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Various Požega DIY releases owned by Velach

Our friend's collection of stuff from my hometown Požega. Some quite old. More or less related to Olden Sonorities, raw hardcore punk, grind, noise, etc... Thanx mate for great support and photos.


Hvala Jadran

Monday, June 12, 2017

Nuclear Altar review on Crucified Freedom

Thanx to Velach;

NUCLEAR ALTAR - Mankind in Decline (tape) [2017]

just few weeks after publishing Nuclear Altar's second demo online on bandcamp I got it by the post mail in its officially release form as a tape.. even though I listened this monster countless times before I got the tape, now the whole feeling is somehow better and complete..
demo was recorded in April this year and the best thing about it is the way it was recorded, apparently on just one microphone and at once and the whole material sounds in that good old primitive and raw way which is the thing that I miss the most on current recordings of nowadays hc punk and crust bands.. and when you see cover which is made in cut and paste style the whole thing just radiates real diy spirit..
there are all together 14 tracks (including some already heard on 1st demo and Dislike, Hellkrusher and U.B.R. covers) in something different sound as it was on "Blessed Ruins".. well I could easily write a book about bands from Požega changing their sound and members so that's the case here as well.. some time after releasing the 1st demo Neno left the band so Gera (previously on bass) take the drums and Nani (ex Fight Back, Hellback...) joined the band as a new vocalist, and Kktz this time sticks to guitar most of the time, doing just some back vocals in few tracks.. of course all that affected on a new sound, as well in speed (new drummer) and in something different guitar sound and riffs similar as in guitarist's other crust/black metal project Gutterskull and of course a new vocals which are now female.. but despite all that they managed to keep this darkness and filth which this band was recognizable for before and to deliver us some serious doze of great raw hardcore punk, still in d-beat style maybe with some more metal/doom influences, all played in old school way without any unnecessary complications.. so few songs are something slower as usual like Infernal Disappearance, Mankind in Decline, Slavonian Funeral, but there are also some real d-beat attacks which are my favorites like Constant Distruction, Legacies of Death, End of Illusion and Ghostblood Rituals.. from other I would like to point out the Dislike cover Victims of Progress which is great and was one of my favorites songs of Dislike.. all lyrics are on English written by Kktz in already familiar minimalistic but strong and powerful style and dark and full of despair tone, and are spited out through angry Nani's vocals..
in short, if you want to know how the apocalypse would sound from it's crushing and devastating beginning to slow and agonized end and death of mankind and nature - listen to this..
beside really nice artwork, xerox cover consists of band pictures and lyrics, all songs are recorded on both side of the tape, also you get sticker with it and the whole thing is released in only 80 pieces so hurry up if you wanna get yourself a copy.. it's available from Olden Sonorities distro for 20 kn / 3 euros.

Crucified Freedom

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Second hand CD's

Northern Liberties - Erode + Disappear

20 Kuna / 3 Euros

Hellblock 6 - Burnin' Doom

20 Kuna / 3 Euros

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Nigra Mors tapes on distro!

Xerión / Death Altar - Invocacións No Altar Da Morte - split

Black/folk from Spain and black/death cult from Brazil. 4 Euros / 25 Kuna

Ódio Profundo - Vazio

Black metal depression from Portugal. 4 Euros / 25 Kuna

Nekrypteia - Αέναον κλέος

Intense black metal from Spain. 4 Euros / 25 Kuna

Xerión - Escarnio, Maldizer E Mort

Great new album. 4 Euros / 25 Kuna

All tapes are sealed.



Thanx to Davor.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Distributed by Nigra Mors

Tenebrositas "Alone In The Frozen Wastelands" tape and Profanum Vulgaris "2009-2012" tape are now available in Spain by Nigra Mors.