Tuesday, May 18, 2021

90's Gruuthaagy tape recordings

Old analog Gruuthaagy, collection tape released at year 1995 by Kylie Productions in the UK. Total Noise / Experimental / Industrial / Avant Trash. Very rare, I didn't even saved my own copy and forgot some of the stuff at here. Neat to see it at BC after so much time.

Gruuthaagy "Krv" at BC thanx to Ende Records

My track from the hardcore techno compilation originally released in 2008, now on BC for free. Sort of electronic metal punk.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Old Gruuthaagy track uploaded on BC

Latest Talog on YT

 Thanx for the upload.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

HC / Punk CD's on distro

Some hc/punk CD's on Olden Sonorities distro; 

xINQUISITIONx – Nobody Expects The xINQUISITIONx - pro CDr - 20 k / 3 Euros 

xINQUISITIONx – Wasted Youth - pro CDr - 20 k / 3 Euros 

SxE fastcore from France. 

Abuse – Manifest 1994-2004 - Ten Years Of Abuse - Discography CD (Haunted Hotel Records) - 30 k / 4 Euros 

Swedish D-Beat crustcore. 

Beast In Heat – The Rocky Road To Euphoria - CD (Haunted Hotel Records) - 30 k / 4 Euros 

Aussie harcore punk, members of Rupture. 

Trade welcome. Može mjenjaža naravno.