Sunday, August 28, 2016

Profanum Vulgaris "2009-2012" Tape Out Now!

New release on Olden Sonorities, diy cassette tape including all recordings by Profanum Vulgaris. Limited to 66 hand numbered copies.

30 Kuna - Uključena Poštarina - Obično (Hrvatska)

35 Kuna - Uključena Poštarina - Preporučeno (Hrvatska)

3 Euros + Shipping. Selected trade possible. Ask for details -

Bandcamp page.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Distro Update!

Baixo Calão / SRAM split 7" EP

Crushing old fashioned grindcore from Brazil and Russia, Autopsy cover included. Co-released from Hyperion Records, Acid Redux Productions, Destroy Sounds Records, Neolithic Productions, No Bread Records, and Sacrifical Tapes. Listen here. 30 Kuna / 4 Euros

Desinence Mortification / Giht Shasie split CD

Restock, Croatian grind assault. DM are old grindcore legends from Pula and GS are experimental cybergrind from Split. Lot's of noise. Co-released from Hyperion Records and Guranje S Litice. Listen here. 25 Kuna / 4 Euros

Desinence Mortification "Misery Remains" Tape

Restock, their last album on pro tape, total grindcore. Co-released from Grobarluk Records and Guranje S Litice. Listen here. 25 Kuna / 4 Euros

Paruzija "999 Zlo I Naopako" Tape

Croatian hardcore punk from Zagreb / Kutina on pro tape, released from Hyperion Records. 25 Kuna / 4 Euros

All itemes are available through Discogs -

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fight Back / Agathocles split LP out on Neanderthal Stench

Neanderthal Stench just released Fight Back / Agathocles split LP & Fight Back t-shirts. Fight Back is my old band, reunion recordings, me this time as guest on few vocals, lots of music was written by me, well, old crew, balkanarho hardcore.