Thursday, June 4, 2015


My black metal band influenced by early 90's sound, raw and grim with cold dissonant melodies as started by old Norway and all the similar pure BM stuff. Lyrically I use BM metaphores to picture the dark sides of the world.

Toward The Solemn Realm Of Prophet's Twilight is the first single from April 2013

Next is Black Is The Empire Of Torture And Despair, 3 tracks demo EP in January 2014

First album Embraced By The All Devouring Void is released in May 2014

Here's an video done with help of old friend

In May 2015 I finished my second album, productin again by myself as I believe it's the best way. Forever Nothing is like everything else released on bandcamp, you can download it for free, I welcome all the other uploaders, but if you can afford to support it here is name your price option as well

Everything is just released as tape versions too, out on Wulfrune Worxx;

Black Is The Empite Of Torture And Despair (including Toward The Solemn Realm Of Prophet's Twilight single as bonus)
Embraced By The All Devouring Void
and Forever Nothing

All 3 tapes are limited to 33 copies and have different cover / art. You can contact Wulfrune Worxx at

Here is Tenebrositas Webs page and you can follow me at Facebook


My dark ambient project influanced by dungeon synth and similar stuff, or as I like to call it - grim ambience. Completely instrumental, music inspired by sense of despair and beauty that comes from my region of Croatia, called Slavonia.

First is Nestanak, June 2014, 3 long, minimalistic tracks

Next is Crno Sunce Iznad Panonije, another long black ambient track from July 2014

November 2014, Studen with 2 new tracks, hear the one

Smiraj Vjekova, April 2015, 2 tracks, one is here

Everything is on Bandcamp, feel free to download. Support is welcome.

All recordings are available as Talog self titled collection tape release on Wulfrune Worxx, contact

You can follow Talog on Facebook