Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Talog "Vladavina Vampira" at The Moldy Crypt's Top 20 Dungeon Synth Releases Of 2018

"Deep in the frosty mist of the Balkans, crawling in the pitch blackness of full dark, comes the pale horrific shape that is Talog. Fermenting in the bowels of the deepest crypt, Talog created the grim vampyric masterpiece Vladavina Vampira. This release of twin 15-minute monolith tracks creates a soundscape that will chill the marrow in your bones, wafting the stench of ancient undying horror through caverns of deep dungeon waves and drones. This introspective release calls on the furthest edges of dungeon synth, scraping along at the pace of dark ambient with minimal melody entirely absent of rhythm. This creates an incredibly gloomy atmosphere perfect for deep meditation and sleeping in cold tombs. I have yet to hear a dungeon synth act as effective as Talog in creating such a numbing sense of conscious lucidity. Vladavina Vampira is a must-play for fans of any type of vampyric dungeon synth or black minimalist ambience. Over the 30 minutes of the album, the listener is guided through the isolated paths of an ancient Balkan forest, down the dim corridors of an abandoned castle, past massive oak doors where rats feed on their dead and the whispers of tormented ghosts linger ever-present at the nape of your neck."

The Moldy Crypt's Top 20 Dungeon Synth Releases Of 2018 - click here

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