Saturday, November 4, 2023

Talog - Vladavina Vampira - pre-order

TALOG - Vladavina Vampira CS repress is ready to pre-order!🦇

Talog's Vladavina Vampira tape is a repress of the highly limited tape self-released by the man behind project on his own Worship The Abyss label in only 33 copies back in 2018. With over ten releases Talog's cemented its fangs and icy claws into the dungeon synth scene as one of the most prolific and respected projects, and this is one of our favourite releases in the lifespan of the Kktz's adventure under the moniker Talog.

Vladavina Vampira is a serious vampyric themed dungeon synth artefact for Nosferatu worshippers who despise life and wish only to dwell in medieval Europe and die of the Black Death aka Plague. This is a meditatively slow vampyric lore worship kind of music that prefers minimalism, mood and pure atmosphere over complications, stripping things down to the point that you can just plain call it dark ambient. Both of these tracks make one really feel hypnotized as sucked slowly by a predatory vampire, in a dark and cobweb-infested castle in the coldest dungeons out there. A pretty grim drone infested magic creeping here!

This is a soundtrack for the true loners hooked on loss and loneliness, still hiding themselves from the light, even in the darkest of nights. Or ones drawn to warm blood of the living like moths to a flame, eager to flush their moon-pale cheeks rosey-hued once again! Suggested listening for late into the night while trying to endure its dead silence!

Limited to 100 copies released on both Cosmic Brood and Olden Sonorities. 

Artwork by KKTZ

stream Talog here:

pre-order the tape here:

Some copies will be available by me as well, but to secure your copy feel free to pre-order it from Doomtown Records

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