Monday, January 15, 2024

Thanks to everyone for supporting GutterSkull

Thanks to GoldenGangräneVerzückung - great Raw BM channel supporting me for quite some time.

Thanks to Mão da Glória - another awesome Raw BM channel and regular supporter.

Thanks to duleklc666 and Hardcore Punk blog - old friend from local 80's and later punk underground.

One of the very first supporters of GutterSkull, thanks again to mighty No Gleaming Light too.

One more old local friend made not so serious but supportive animated video for one track.

Thanks to Noisy Underground | VK for spreading it.

Thanks to one of the biggest followers and supporters at ..crucified freedom..: GUTTERSKULL - Chthonian Moribund Sovereign - new demo is out now!!! for the kind words.

Also thanks to everyone supporting it at BC and elsewhere, sorry if I forgot someone. This is for the underground, stay real!

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